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Dec 27, 2016

Trump, Obama, Hitler, Kim Jong Un: trannies trail grannies 28 to 96 FINAL

"Barack confesses that he was born in Kenya" pales in comparison with "I ordered the secret service to murder the mother of my love child at the White House".
"Pope Francis" will confess the same crime, where the mother is again Miriam, black, aged 34, albeit the child was still two months away from birth.
But only Obama's crimes include "I finished my granny with my own hands".

Christmas 2016 - One of the satanic illuminati jokes mocking the nativity of Jesus:
"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Wants Christians To Celebrate Grandmother's Birthday, Not Jesus Holilday".
Talk of grannies of actors casted as illuminati suicide bombers and Great Leaders, albeit in this case the literal title is rather Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation:
Illuminati are about to release this act, postponed countless times: Obama confesses to have strangled his granny at her bed in Hawaii.
History books will have this special entry in the countless official "list of Obama murders" at "days before Hillary Clinton succeeded GW Bush as the real 44th president".
Note: parallellism for the "messianic US presidencies" role in the illuminati anti-bible, alias "Osama Bi(nla)den " and "Last Trump-pe(nce)ts", ranges from "trans first ladies" to "stripped of all titles".

Talk of grannies which trannies at the end of the day still trail:
[Dec 27 2016, less than 4 weeks before end times computers will be stripped of ANY TRUTH: 96 to 28 million google results]:
Talk of members of the big sect, but this time not of those executing orders but of the rest, alias the special one:

HITLER's GRANNY: revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet: 
She rewrote Atlantis to have it as foundation for the "superiority of the aryan race" and the commandment to "exterminate the inferior races".
She founded an organization that had the swastika as part of its logo.
Her first book's title ended "_ _IS unveiled", but paradoxically the riddle is solved by a repetition NOT by NT.
Her name ended in SKY but paradoxically she was neither slavic nor jewish but an ethnic german.
If you google her last name, _ _ _ _ _ _ SKY, ALL results as far as you can see (say the first ten pages) are related to her.
Her wikipedia page doesn't mention GW Bush's grandpa although an exact search for him (his first and last names googled in quotes) together with her name, returns 122,000 results [as of Dec 2016].
Reminder: GW Bush's grandpa has the same face as his daughter Barbara Bush.

More descendents
She was also the great grand mother of Angela Merkel (both have the same faces) and older half-sister Hillary Clinton. 

Was she also Alexander Adolf Hitler's great grand mother? 
At this point I will leave the question unanswered. 
The current Illuminati Grand Master is "coincidentally" and paradoxically the official leader (albeit using his father's MIDDLE names) of the very same organization that:
- keeps what ends in _ _ IS off the _ _ _ S;
- resurrected _ _IS in Raqqa, Syria, after the death (two years) and before the resurrection (three years and still counting) of the Obamessiah, alias Obama Bin Laden.

Her first book's title ended "_ _IS unveiled": in this statement "ended" can be reduced to "was".
In other words: the solution is what these basic facts "coincidentally" unveil:

Who leaves Atlantis off the _ _ _S? Google answers with the man who runs the world
Atlantis, The Simpsons: TRUTH cut in stone by Illuminati Grand Master

Talk of both having the same faces: see video morphing Hitler into his younger daughter Angela here:
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

Apr 2016 - What is about to become part of the "most bombastic news ever" - All exposed only by Last Prophet - two or rather FOUR examples:
Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped
Find the 7 parallelism differences to another BIG BANG chapter:
For a start: in this case the parallelism in names goes all the way beyond the initial M:
The mother(s) of Obama & Pope Francis's love children: the murdered black Miriam(s), age 34

Evolution Theory: "Out of Africa" becomes Out of Atlantis, albeit only for the "aryans", in one of these inversions:
The ultimate reverse script starts with a sudden inversion just before the BIG BANG, launched with Obama's staged arrest.
Some of the scripts that will be suddenly inverted:

Sep 10, 2015

Gas chambers, their mama Merkel 3 fathered by (2) Hitler(s)

Merkel, gas chambers and their mama: ALL THREE fathered by (TWO) Hitler(s)
Not only the gas chambers but literally also Angela Merkel were fathered by Adolf Hitler.
Not to be confused with "Mamma Merkel" meant as mother of the neo-Auschwitz camps: also fathered by a Hitler but a different one, more precisely the Fuehrer's great nephew.
In other words: the man who almost all UN recognized governments do nothing but to execute orders from. 

Mama Merkel for dummies: Inauguration of neo-Auschwitz gas chambers
Last Prophet's words from Sep 9, 2015, two weeks before the death trains with refugees and migrants started to roll into the neo-Auschwitz camps. 
See text appended with illuminati jokes released two months later, one of them as close to the welcome message of Auschwitz as it gets. 
Reminder: Arbeit macht frei was in fact meant as Work for Free, a reference to one of the two "Globalization" agendas, more precisely to Global Slavery rather than to Global Genocide.

Sep 2015 - Mama Merkel for dummies
What Adolf Hitler fathered ranges from half-sisters Hitlery Clinton and Angela Merkel to (figuratively) the gas chambers.
We finally know who the current Illuminati Grand Master, Alexander Adolf Hitler, the oldest son of William Patrick Stewart Hitler, would officially designate as the mother of the neo-Auschwitz ovens. 

To get the illuminati joke "Mama Merkel" and Papa Obama:
To all Syrian refugees and deserters of the IV Reich's military protecting the puppet "govs" in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan: 
What is behind Merkel's inexplicable invitation to those that's she's bombing, directly with german jets part of the "US led coalition" or indirectly with puppet regimes such as Assad, to flock to GERMANY?
Migrants seeking 'German life', migrants holding photos of Mamma Merkel, grateful refugee names her baby 'Angela Merkel' to
- mock millions trying to escape barrel bombs dropped by Assad and the "US led coalition of 25 countries". 
- divert from hundreds of thousands of real refugees trying to register in Greece, only to be locked in concentration alias extermination camps.

March of thousands from Budapest to Austria - for dummies
These people were allowed to break-out of one of the concentration camps managed by Hungary's neo-Gestapo, officially executing orders from Orban, Hungary's illuminazi puppet. 
Goal of the psy-op: part of the "Europe invaded by refugees alias rape-fugees": demonizes refugees, setting the stage to have people ask no questions weeks later.
In other words: once they disappear from both the headlines and from view, as their real march takes place in the death trains.

Added Dec 9, 2015
Paris, Berlin 'convinced' of need to reduce migrant flow; Finland says asylum seekers should work for free - for dummies
Illuminati release two "Mamma Merkel" related illuminati jokes:
- two months after the role was created to mock the start of gassing refugees in EU death camps. 
- one day before "Mamma Merkel" is TIME's person of the year.

Aug 14, 2015 - In Germany, grateful refugee names her child 'Angela Merkel'

Dec 8, 2015:
Paris, Berlin 'convinced' of need to reduce migrant flow
"Finland says asylum seekers should work for free"

Dec 9, 2015: Angela Merkel named Time's Person of the Year

Nov 25, 2016 - Syrian baby named ‘Angela Merkel’ refused asylum in Germany

Inauguration of gas chambers in North America, Feb 2017: Daddy Trudeau, 2 yrs after Mamma Merkel 
Jun 2017, released within two days:
Canada: Illuminati mock the ongoing gassing of gays (started in Chechnya, fulfilling truth in plain sight with "concentration camps" headlines) and migrants/refugees, from those who fled to Europe to those who fled from the USA to Canada:
- Justin Trudeau Wears Rainbow Eid-Al-Fitr Socks At Toronto's Gay Pride Parade (where "Black Lives Matter participated").
- Asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo
July 16, 2017 - Daddy Trudeau, 2 years after Mamma Merkel - an act for an exact remake
No limits to mockery of refugees, migrants and those suddenly deemed illegal starting to be gassed in the EU in Oct 2015 and in North America, Feb 2017:
Justin Trudeau meets Syrian baby named after him, the son of a Syrian couple who fled war-ravaged Damascus to start a new life in Canada. 
The boy’s parents, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, named their newborn son after the Prime Minister to pay tribute to his open refugee policy and show their gratitude for the offer of refuge.
At this point I don't need to tell what the next headlines about this baby will be, right?
Hint, in case you don't remember or didn't get the "news" from Nov 25, 2016 - Syrian baby named ‘Angela Merkel’ refused asylum in Germany.

Illuminati used termination of "food stamps" in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, to set multitudes unknowingly yet voluntarily marching from refugee to extermination camps.
Sep 25, 2015 - Illuminati media, from BBC to german TV, reporting death trains to extermination camps as "very orderly and organized relocations", AGAIN, 80 years later.
It didn't start with a TOTAL BANG, as it will be the case for blacks in the US after the "US shutdown".
Reason: the process of feeding Europe's extermination camps with refugees and migrants is based on a steadily flow.

Illuminati media calls migrants to syrians, iraqis and afghans escaping NATO barrel bombs.
NATO is the official IV Reich military. As for the rest of the IV Reich shock troops they include these:
Fake Putin's mercenaries, same as Hezbollah, Iran's guard, UN peacekeepers, African Union military and ISIS, the most well known among all fake rebels.

One of the basic censored facts about young male refugees from Syria and Iraq: 
80% of them are deserters from the nazi puppet armies, and most of these are sunni conscripts who faced the choice to participate in the genocide of sunnis or be shot on the spot.
Ukraine preview: What happens once citizens were disarmed and additionally now almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast:

Sep 4, 2010

Protestantism, Mormons, Evolution, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology: organizations created by the illuminati

Sects and Ordo Illuminatus
The original and real meaning of sect is the commandment to unconditionally OBEY the elders, who in fact, in the case of the Ordo Illuminatus, are as many as ONE, the Illuminati Grand Master.
In other words: the Ordo Illuminatus is not only a sect but also a perfect pyramid.
A sectarian religion is not necessarily a sect.
But ANY sect is more sectarian than ANY religion that is not a sect.

Protestantism, Mormon Church, Evolution "science" alias church, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology: Religions created by the illuminati: basic principle and organization
All religions created by the illuminati were strongly sectarian, starting with the first major religion they created, protestantism.
All religions created later by the illuminati, with the exception of evolution theory for obvious reasons (not created as an official religion), were additionally organized as a sect (recently: mormons, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology). 
The first reason for creating sects: ensure robotical control of believers.
As for evolution, this control is completed by other means, starting by preventing the members of the church (everybody) to be confronted with the truth by simply never ever allowing evolution to be questioned in schools and media.

Poster replies:
"That does not sound very logical. If robotic control is the objective, why start so many directly opposed religions, having only one would be more manageable."

Here's why that's a wrong statement:
Why illuminati created other religions

What TRULY separates the illuminati religion from ALL previous satanic cults.
"Coincidentally" it also separates the illuminati from any cult or religion in History.

Aug 19, 2010

Aleister Crowley Magick vs real formula

Crowley's Magick illuminati milestone: first religion created by the illuminati to make people believe that they can get magic powers.

Aleister Crowley, the father of Barbara Bush
Illuminati jokes about Crowley range from Wikipedia denouncing those who "erroneously label him a Satanist" to "popular press denouncing him as the wickedest man in the world" and "a BBC poll ranking him as the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time". 
Coincidentally or not, Crowley's real middle name was Alexander, the same real first name as the current Illuminati Grand Master, Adolf Hitler's great nephew. 

Free will: Satanist Magick repeats "christian" Protestantism
Crowley was the illuminati high priest assigned the role of creating MAGICK.
MAGICK is one of the religions and sects created by the illuminati to brainwash and thus control the human cattle, from Protestantism and Heliocentrism to Evolution, Mormons, Jeovah Witnesses, Scientology and New Age.
As far as free will, Crowley's Magick repeats the satanic doctrine of Illuminati High Priest Calvin, dressed as christian four centuries earlier: make believe that there's no free will, thus denying one of the 10 basic facts about God.

Crowley's MAGICK - the magic milestone
Satanic religions command believers to accept that one or some High Priests have magical powers.
The satanic Illuminati secret society was created in 1190, under the cover of "christian" Ordo Teutonicus.
But only seven centuries later did the illuminati create a religion to make human cattle believe that they can get magical powers, "coincidentally" years before Illuminati's spiritual leader Adolf Hitler became the first Grand Master to assume the role of political Supreme Leader.

Crowley's Magick's magic for dummies
Illuminati used Crowley to mock human cattle unable to get the real Illuminati magic formula:
"Total Mind control" alias the use of psy-op techniques pushed to the limits + total control of the media alias the use of the BIG LIE technique pushed to the limits.

From Wikipedia, totally controlled by the illuminati, where truth will not last more than a few minutes.
- Free will: Crowley saw Magick as the essential method for a person to reach true understanding of the self and to act according to one's true will, which he saw as the reconciliation "between freewill and destiny." 
- Magic: "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will", including both "mundane" acts of will as well as "ritual magic". 
"Tt is theoretically possible to cause in any object any change of which that object is capable by nature".

Aleister Crowley (born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. 
He founded the religion and philosophy of Thelema, in which role he identified himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the ├ćon of Horus in the early 20th century.
Crowley has remained a highly influential figure over western esotericism and the counter-culture, and continues to be considered a prophet in Thelema.

HITLER's GRANNY: revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet
Trump, Obama, Hitler, Kim Jong Un: trannies trail grannies 28 to 96: FINAL result

Why illuminati created other religions and religious sects

"Mind control" techniques: 
Start with sects and psy-ops to destroy logical reasoning: Heliocentrism to fake germanwings crash

Last Prophet's words from May 2013 - original text unchanged, added updates signaled
Check out how many governments with a UN seat are covert nazi agents, or in other words doing nothing but to execute orders from Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler:
Illuminati puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Jul 5, 2009

Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever, Usain Bolt, greatest athlete ever: two sheep about to be FORMALLY slaughtered

Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever and sheep will be now FORMALLY slaughtered at the Tour de France. Sheep Usain Bolt will follow shortly after, terminated also by a fake syringe. Ironically as prelude to a mass sacrifice executed with real syringes.

HORRIBLE TRUTH about Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt is the same HORRIBLE TRUTH as about YOU
Neither the greatest cyclist ever nor the greatest athlete ever were able to see that they will now be FORMALLY slaughtered, despite that even a child would understand it.
Problem is, when you are a member of the BIG SECT, as YOU, Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are, it is no more possible to understand anything whatsoever.

End Times Irony: role of BIG PHARMA Syringes
One of the goals of the Doping conspiracy, falsely accusing the champions of natural sports to have used the BIG PHARMA Syringes was to sell the BIG PHARMA poison, wether it is injected with a syringe or swallowed as pill.
The same BIG PHARMA now assigned the ultimate job: to use syringes to drastically reduce the time required so far by the process to TERMINATE YOU, shortly after Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are executed in public.

As a member of the BIG SECT, YOU will accept to roll up your sleeves or the "revolutionary suicide".
The reduction of the illuminati global village to Jonestown, with only a minor difference in the execution of the mass suicide: REAL syringes replace the FAKE cyanide pills used to terminate Jonestown.

Doping conspiracy: Who, How, Why

"Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION"

Name of Global Village in Illuminati anti-bible Horrible TRUTH revealed worldwide first here, shortly before it will become clear to all

Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed FIVE times since 2009

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Jun 5, 2009

Name of Global Village in Illuminati anti-bible Horrible TRUTH revealed worldwide first here, shortly before it will become clear to all

Published six days before Illuminati first declare "Stage 6" (compulsory "vaccination") as "Global pandemic, but no need to panic".[1]
[ _ _ _ _ _ town] is the name of the Global Village in the Illuminati anti-bible. It is not a biblical name, this village only appeared in end times, more exactly in the seventies. 
Although the audience perceived the village as real it was all simulated, as expected.

The [ _ _ _ _ _ town] script 
Why was it was about a sect? Why did it end with everyone committing suicide? 
Because it's a parallel script to what the illuminati prophesized to be the end of the world as the Global Village (the whole world) knew it. 

[1] June 11 2009: 
Swine flu goes global pandemic but no need to panic!
Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Santa Clara County's health officer. "The World Health Organization just wants to make sure that all of the countries around the world are on alert.
He says, "It's important to remember that the term Pandemic means global,

(2) June 2, 2009: Keiji Fukuda, Illuminati's head of WHO, announces "we are shortly before stage 6" . 
"Cases" staged as the invisible "mexican victims", "N spanish soldiers", "N american soldiers in Iraq".
Another example, May 2, 2009. "Hong Kong hotel quarantine move stirs controversy", etc.

the reason WHY "cases" used to justify "Stage 6" for VASSACCINATION were staged as intentionally grotesque, i.e. not credible:

Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION

Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed again and again since 2009 (4th time added May 4 2014, 5th time added Jan 18, 2015)

BIG BANG starts with a reversed Bible script: resurrection before crucifixion alias cruci-fiction. 
Easter Sunday BIG BANG had to be postponed several times, at the last minute on 2014, because of brave people of Slovyansk starting an armed revolt at Donetsk.
The word "THIRD" had to be stripped from the original script:
Anti-Bible: Easter: Resurrection: On the THIRD year Obamessiah ascends from the depths of the Indian Ocean as Osama, attached to a Boeing 777:

Mar 9, 2009

Swiss gigolo Helg Sgarbi: why media hides the Real Story

Two reasons why the media diverts from the two basic facts about the story of Swiss gigolo Helg Sgarbi.

The two basic facts about the "swiss gigolo"

1. The "swiss gigolo" is close to the ultimate example of what can be achieved when people supposed to be the "elite" are victims of brainwash by "normal" people with special capabilities.
But it is the second fact that it is MOST important to divert from. It is that fact that also explains why the "where is the money?" question did not matter.

2. The "swiss gigolo" is close to the ultimate example of what can be achieved when people with special capabilities are victims of brainwash by a sect.
Yes, the "swiss gigolo" is a brainwashed puppet whose only purpose is to fulfill whatever the leader of his sect orders him to.

Now what are the reasons for the media to divert from these two facts?
The first reason is obvious: maximal reduction of the end times society returns "human cattle" brainwashed (1) by ONE sect (2).

But what is the second reason?

(1) The HORRIBLE TRUTH about YOU ...

(2) ... what THEY call the human cattle

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