Jul 5, 2009

Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever, Usain Bolt, greatest athlete ever: two sheep about to be FORMALLY slaughtered

Lance Armstrong, greatest cyclist ever and sheep will be now FORMALLY slaughtered at the Tour de France. Sheep Usain Bolt will follow shortly after, terminated also by a fake syringe. Ironically as prelude to a mass sacrifice executed with real syringes.

HORRIBLE TRUTH about Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt is the same HORRIBLE TRUTH as about YOU
Neither the greatest cyclist ever nor the greatest athlete ever were able to see that they will now be FORMALLY slaughtered, despite that even a child would understand it.
Problem is, when you are a member of the BIG SECT, as YOU, Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are, it is no more possible to understand anything whatsoever.

End Times Irony: role of BIG PHARMA Syringes
One of the goals of the Doping conspiracy, falsely accusing the champions of natural sports to have used the BIG PHARMA Syringes was to sell the BIG PHARMA poison, wether it is injected with a syringe or swallowed as pill.
The same BIG PHARMA now assigned the ultimate job: to use syringes to drastically reduce the time required so far by the process to TERMINATE YOU, shortly after Usain Bolt and Lance Armstrong are executed in public.

As a member of the BIG SECT, YOU will accept to roll up your sleeves or the "revolutionary suicide".
The reduction of the illuminati global village to Jonestown, with only a minor difference in the execution of the mass suicide: REAL syringes replace the FAKE cyanide pills used to terminate Jonestown.

Doping conspiracy: Who, How, Why

"Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION"

Name of Global Village in Illuminati anti-bible Horrible TRUTH revealed worldwide first here, shortly before it will become clear to all

Added Jul 2011: 
Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed

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Jun 5, 2009

Name of Global Village in Illuminati anti-bible Horrible TRUTH revealed worldwide first here, shortly before it will become clear to all

Published six days before Illuminati first declare "Stage 6" (compulsory "vaccination") as "Global pandemic, but no need to panic".[1]
[ _ _ _ _ _ town] is the name of the Global Village in the Illuminati anti-bible. It is not a biblical name, this village only appeared in end times, more exactly in the seventies. 
Although the audience perceived the village as real it was all simulated, as expected.

The [ _ _ _ _ _ town] script 
Why was it was about a sect? Why did it end with everyone committing suicide? 
Because it's a parallel script to what the illuminati prophesized to be the end of the world as the Global Village (the whole world) knew it. 

[1] June 11 2009: 
Swine flu goes global pandemic but no need to panic!
Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Santa Clara County's health officer. "The World Health Organization just wants to make sure that all of the countries around the world are on alert.
He says, "It's important to remember that the term Pandemic means global,

(2) June 2, 2009: Keiji Fukuda, Illuminati's head of WHO, announces "we are shortly before stage 6" . 
"Cases" staged as the invisible "mexican victims", "N spanish soldiers", "N american soldiers in Iraq".
Another example, May 2, 2009. "Hong Kong hotel quarantine move stirs controversy", etc. 

the reason WHY "cases" used to justify "Stage 6" for VASSACCINATION were staged as intentionally grotesque, i.e. not credible:

Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION

After the BIG BANG was postponed several times. 
Antii-Bible: Resurrection: Obamessiah ascends from the depths of the Indian Ocean as Osama, attached to a Being 777

Mar 9, 2009

Swiss gigolo Helg Sgarbi: why media hides the Real Story

Two reasons why the media diverts from the two basic facts about the story of Swiss gigolo Helg Sgarbi.

The two basic facts about the "swiss gigolo"

1. The "swiss gigolo" is close to the ultimate example of what can be achieved when people supposed to be the "elite" are victims of brainwash by "normal" people with special capabilities.
But it is the second fact that it is MOST important to divert from. It is that fact that also explains why the "where is the money?" question did not matter.

2. The "swiss gigolo" is close to the ultimate example of what can be achieved when people with special capabilities are victims of brainwash by a sect.
Yes, the "swiss gigolo" is a brainwashed puppet whose only purpose is to fulfill whatever the leader of his sect orders him to.

Now what are the reasons for the media to divert from these two facts?
The first reason is obvious: maximal reduction of the end times society returns "human cattle" brainwashed (1) by ONE sect (2).

But what is the second reason?

(1) The HORRIBLE TRUTH about YOU ...

(2) ... what THEY call the human cattle

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